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Ease Mood Mists



Infuse your day with a little Ease, a soothing blend of lavender and frankincense, mingled with rejuvenating pine and geranium. Designed to aid in calming the mind and grounding the spirit—perfect for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere!


  • Purified Water
  • Vodka- In order to keep our products 100% Organic, free of parabens and other chemicals, we use one of nature’s best preservatives!
  • Lavender: a light, floral scent with clean woody undertones, well known for it’s calming and relaxing effects and often used to promote restful sleep. 
  • Pine: A fresh scent thought to revitalize the mind and body, helping to alleviate feelings of anxiety and nervous tension. 
  • Frankincense: A warm, spicy scent mixed with woody undertones, and hints of lemon. A widely sought after oil, Frankincense encourages feelings of well-being, peace, and tranquility, and works to dispel negative thoughts while soothing the mind and spirit.
  • Geranium: A sweet, dry, floral scent that calms the nerves, creating space to refocus your intentions, while simultaneously aiding in air purification.

How To Use

Ease Mood Mist harnesses the calming and rejuvenating properties of essential oils, and allows you to infuse your day with a little more ease. Give the product a shake and then spritz the area around you to reset your energy and freshen up your space.

Warning: Product may cause sensitivity in some individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use.